It is the buyer's responsibility to complete this must be on file with us to be valid. We cannot make you comply with completing our agreement, however, please do not expect us to have to remind you for it either. We have a fax as long as you call ahead to let me know you are faxing it to me. You may send it to us that way or it can be scanned and attached by email. The other way is by USPS or FedEx.
Every effort is made to guarantee a puppy from us is in good health at the time of adoption or delivery so we ask that you have it checked by your vet within 72 hrs. of getting it. Proof of this visit MUST BE SENT TO US. Visits to Petsmart Vets (Banfield) are not accepted at all. We can't control what your puppy encounters after leaving us, so if you do not to have your puppy examined, then our contract is VOID. Our health contract is for the first 12 months of life against these life-threatening illnesses (heart, liver, kidneys). We DO NOT cover anything that is NOT life threatening. Conditions such as but not limited to Worms, Earmites, Colds, Giardia, Hypoglycemia or Coccidiosis can be dormant but they are treatable & do not warrant a return. Undescended testicles, Over or Underbites & Luxating Patellas are not life threatening so they are not covered. Should a life-threatening condition occur as mentioned above, it can be replaced with another puppy of equal price, size, and/or color when available. This contract is non-transferrable, if you choose not to keep the puppy. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE MADE!!! If a replacement is offered and refused, then we have fulfilled our obligation. Every effort is made to offer a replacement equal to the puppy purchased. If you choose a puppy other than the replacement offered, you have to pay the difference in price for the replacement puppy. For example, male vs female, tiny toy vs toy. All paperwork MUST BE RETURNED with the puppy and vaccinations must be up to date. All return shipping fees are done at the buyer's expense. If the puppy dies, an autopsy MUST BE DONE by a state lab explaining the cause of death and furnished before we can determine if a replacement is warranted. If you choose not to have this procedure done, no replacement will be made. Please remember that a replacement puppy is only given if all terms are met, and a life threatening condition was diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian, not for any other reason. Any expenses incurred after the puppy leaves our care, such as vet bills, autopsy, etc. is at the buyers' expense. Our contract is void in case of accidental injury which can happen. We make no guarantees on size, color, personality, temperament, fertility, or show ability. All of our puppies are sold as pets only, if you decide to show or breed your puppy, then we, as the breeders, are not liable. Registration papers are furnished to you at adoption or mailed to you if they aren't available when an adoption is done.
This is a binding agreement between us(the breeder) and you (the original buyer)
Date: _______   Breed: Poodle      Puppy's DOB ________   Sex: _______
Dad: ______________ Mom:____________ Color: __________
Price: ______________ Dep. Amt/Rec'd __________ Balance:__________

Buyer Signature _____________________
Buyer Address_______________________
Phone # _________________Home
Email: _______________________________

Seller: _____________________
Sharon or Max Hoffman
412 Conestoga Tr
Rhome, TX 76078
Phone: 817 ***-**08 (hid for privacy)

NOTE: Please read the info about Teacups & Hypoglycemia on the website

Notwithstanding any other agreements, oral or written, Texas law shall govern the terms and conditions of any transaction with Sharon or Max Hoffman known as Hoffman's Toys and the venue of any legal proceeding of any type or kind, be it mediation, arbitration or trial, shall be venued in Wise County, Texas