About us: We have been breeding since 1999 and Toy Poodles are our only breed of dogs. We do not mix them with other breeds nor do we do stud service or loan them out.  All of our males are DNA'd with AKC and our puppies are always AKC registered. We are located in TX just north of Ft. Worth, west of Dallas, south of Denton and are about 8 miles from the Texas Motor Speedway.

Picking Up Your Puppy : We ask that you contact us or be flexible in scheduling a time for picking up your new puppy.  If we have several puppies in a litter sometimes it's hard to meet everyone's ideal time for getting it.  We prefer to schedule pick-up times from 2pm-5pm on the weekend allowing us time to get your puppy freshly groomed/bathed.  Sometimes during the week is possible but not hours after 5pm.

Payments: We accept deposits in the form of a personal check if time is allowed for it to clear.  WE NO LONGER TAKE PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS.  Deposits are $300 and will hold your puppy until it is ready to go home with you.  Please make sure & send to us using Priority Mail and furnish us with the tracking number.  If this isn't done, then the puppy will not be held for you.  Whomever gets a deposit to us first is the person the puppy is held for.  If circumstances prevent you from picking up your puppy when it's ready, and a time can't be agreed upon, then add'l charges of $10 a day is added to the balance due.  Balances are only accepted in cash, cashier's check or money order. Cashier checks or money orders should be payable Sharon Hoffman NOT Hoffman's Toys as we do not have a DBA account.  

Shipping: We no longer ship puppies alone via air. The reason we don't ship our puppies is because of more laws passed by USDA. I can no longer even have someone bring you your puppy. So they must be picked up from us or if possible, we can bring them to you at an agreed meeting place (within a reasonable distance) if you live away from the DFW area.

About puppies: Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6 & again at 9 wks. if they are still here with us. Vaccinations are started at 7 wks. then given at 10, 13 wks. if they are still here. We do not start them with potty training. We have almost 3 acres with neighborhood dogs that sometimes come into our yard. They aren't taken outside for this reason....we cannot control what they are exposed to if taken outside. They are all sold with limited registration meaning that no breeding rights are given. Puppies are kept until they are at least 8 wks. of age. We do not rush our moms to wean them so the longer the mom allows them to nurse, the healthier we believe they will be.